Monday, April 20, 2009

Patriot's Day

I'm observing Patriot's Day* by taking the day off work so I can lay on the couch drinking coffee and watching the Boston Marathon on TV.

We're nearing two hours for the women and Kara Goucher is still holding strong near the lead. Only a few miles to go! Ryan Hall has dropped back significantly, after an early lead, and seemed out of it. He's 18 seconds behind.

Heartbreak Hill ahead.

And get this, Colleen DeReuck, age 45, is in the lead!

*I know it's only a holiday in Massachusetts, that's why I had to take the day off instead of being entitled to it. We need some of these extra days off in Washington. Oh yeah, now we have them, they're called furlough days. (Technically I don't have furloughs, but since court will essentially be non-functioning, I get them by default).
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