Saturday, April 11, 2009

Amusing myself

I spend a lot of time at the Y, primarily on the elliptical machines, when I'm not running. I like the low impact of it and the promise of calories burned. But, I must say, it is boring. The new machines have video, so I can watch the Food Network, What Not to Wear, Wheel of Fortune, and other attempted distractions. I am not sure whether that is really any better than listening to the ipod and reading a magazine—but at least I'm saving money on buying magazines.*

But lately I've sought out another amusement to supplement (not replace) the TV shows, which is reading the blogs on my BlackBerry. I started out by just finding them with a browser search, typing in the names of the various ones I read, that I could think of. That worked well with Half-Fast, The Marathon Mama, and Running Into the Sun, which all popped right up in a Google search. When I tried to find Discovering the Meaning of Stonehenge in the Yahoo browser, I got a Wikipedia article about Stonehenge, but fared better with Google. But some names (including my own) found other websites of similar names. Trying to get Pieces of Me, I kept getting references to Ashlee Simpson's song!

But this afternoon I have leapt into 2007 (or so) and set up Google Reader so I can easily access my favorite blogs on my BlackBerry at any time, and even better, only get them when there is new content. Which means you guys had better keep posting frequently so I have plenty of reading material. And it also means, I guess, that I need to stop reading the blogs during the workday** and save them for the elliptical stints. Oh, also, please don't write in overly small type or pale colors because that is hard to read on a 2" x 2.5" screen!

*I can only read the celebrity gossip magazines on the Y, because they lay flat and the type is big enough to see when I am moving. I was buying several magazines every week!

**Just kidding, I don't really do that.


Lisa said...

I am a big fan of my Google reader. It makes it so much easier to keep up.

Hee hee... when I came up with the name of my blog I never thought I would actually have readers. I feel pretty great about the little group of readers I have. I feel like you are all my friends. Heck... you tried two different search engines. HOW SWEET! ;-)

Sun Runner said...

I only read trashy magazines at the gym, too. MY gym has a wide selection (Us Weekly, In Touch, and OK!). It's very important to stay up on celebrity gossip!

I love Google Reader; it's made reading blogs so much easier.