Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have eaten a turkey sandwich for lunch three days in a row now. Friday in the car en route to Winthrop, Saturday in a bag lunch at my CLE, today in the car again on the way home from Winthrop. On both Friday and today that turkey sandwich lunch followed a longish run, and I have read any number of times that a turkey sandwich is a good post-run recovery food, so I felt okay about that choice. (Even though this article promotes a healthier version of turkey sandwich. C'mon, I'm eating in a car here! Gimme a break!)

On Saturday I ate the sandwich and apple in my brown bag lunch, and set aside the items in the picture here. (Unfortunately my photo was a bit blurry.) That little bit of editing cut about 500 calories out of the lunch! (Potato chips 210 calories, mayonnaise 120 calories, apple juice 80 calories, dry tasteless granola bar* 90 calories.) If I'd been really diligent, I could have removed the cheese slice (Tillamook cheddar, yummy) and the top slice of bread (eliminating at least 200 more calories), but honestly, I wasn't quite up to that kind of deprivation.

Of course I probably made up for the savings with all the cups of coffee and cream I drank throughout the day, and if not that, certainly with the extremely delicious Patterson Mountain Burger I had for dinner. With the Point Reyes blue cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and grilled apples, of course. Now that was "scrumptious," to quote the gentleman at a neighboring table!

*And by the way, was this meant to be a "healthy" substitute for a real cookie? In a lunch that included potato chips? Please!

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