Friday, October 14, 2011

Well, that wasn't pretty

We interrupt my series of Portland Marathon race reports to announce that this morning I went out for my first run post-marathon. All I can say is...ugh.

Five days ago I ran 26.45 miles at an average pace of 9:40 (including stops), and today I managed 6.25 at an average 10:20. And half of that was on a downhill grade. I don't know if any single mile was even under ten minutes.

I had thought that the soreness in my quads was pretty much gone (I can walk down stairs!), but two or three miles along it was right back. Nothing was terribly painful but it was all so sluggish.

After three miles I was contemplating cutting the run short. I didn't, I stuck it out for 10K, but I never got to that breakthrough point where a difficult run gets easy. (That happens, right?)

I sort of felt like I was in the last 6.2 miles in a marathon...except slower. Much slower.

You spend months training for a marathon and working on some speed and lots of endurance and then it's like the marathon uses it all up, leaving you an empty shell of runner. A very slow, empty shell.

I hope that's not really true because I have a lot of running to do in the next eight weeks before the Tucson Marathon.

Not to mention I'm doing a half marathon this Sunday.

Oh yeah, in some sort of bonehead enthusiasm earlier this fall I signed up for the Pouslbo Half Marathon one week after Portland. I thought it would be a good way to kick start Tucson training!

I have thrown out all ideas of running it with any kind of speed at all. I had intended to run it easy in any case, but my perception of what "easy" looks like has changed drastically as of this morning. I am not setting any goals except to not die.

It can only get better from here, right? RIGHT???

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Elizabeth said...

Omg- I totally relate to this. All my marathon soreness is usually gone by the following Thursday but my legs don't feel normal again for nearly two weeks. I am always disappointed by my first post-marathon run. It's especially depressing if your marathon didn't go as you hoped. Just be patient and you wil get those legs back!