Sunday, October 2, 2011

The final countdown

Well, here we are, one week out from the Portland Marathon. I would say my training is done! I still have three more short runs this week, but they're really just to maintain fitness and keep my head in the game. I'm not changing anything now.

Actually I'm sure I've heard various experts say things to the effect that you can't make things any better at this point, but you can absolutely make them worse. So in the interest of avoiding injury and tired legs, I am resisting my impulse to over-exercise and just keeping it light. I've even (pretty much) convinced myself to take two full rest days before the marathon, instead of sneaking off to the Y on Friday morning for a final shot at the elliptical. I think. Okay, I'm not completely firm on that but I am leaning toward not going. I'll probably be doing my last minute packing then anyway.

I need to make a list of things to do before I go. Some are non-running, like paying bills and house tasks (and um, work stuff!). But here's some of the race and trip related things on my list...

Make sure I have printed everything I need from the computer, e.g.:
~Groupons/vouchers for Friday dinner, Monday massage (that one's actually in my purse already!
~Hotel and race details, directions

Go to thrift store and get throwaway jacket for race day. Plus extras for future races. Wash and dry them.

Locate pieces of race day outfit, plus back-up pieces.

Charge up new Garmin and set it up as needed. (Let's not be looking at this for the first time on Saturday, okay?) It's the same as my old one, so this shouldn't be too difficult, right?

Update iPod. I rearranged my playlist but haven't transferred it yet.

Gather and pack all non-clothing gear, including Garmin, iPod, Gu's, nuun, fuel belt, etc. Don't forget plenty of charging cords.

Acquire and pack travel food--snacks, etc, ice chest.

Pack non-running clothes. Try to remember I don't need too much of these.

Locate Nordstrom notes and a gift card I should still have so I can spend them in tax-free Oregon. Don't forget the empty moisturizer bottle I want to replace.

Also pack a couple SBUX free drink cards for mochas after the marathon. (Planning!)

I can't really think of anything else right now.

Taper is in full swing! I considered that taper began after my 22 mile run on September 16. That was my last week with mileage over 40 miles. I think that I have executed a pretty successful taper. I have reduced mileage but maintained intensity.

The week of September 19 I ran 33.73 miles total, including a strong shorter tempo run, a few 400s , and the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon.

The week of September 26 I ran 35.16 miles including ten 800s (half mile repeats), all but one under four minutes, 8.25 miles with six at <9:15 pace, and my last double digit run today, 11.11 miles with two warm-up, eight around 9:30 at a comfortable effort, and one sub-9, just for kicks.

This upcoming week I'm expecting about 18 miles, plus 26.2.

This weekend I have been stalking blogs to hear how folks did on their marathons! So exciting to read about people meeting and exceeding their goals! Including Lisa, who ran St. George in about 3:50, giving her a BQ for 2013! Big congratulations to all!

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Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you are ready! I look forward to reading your race report.