Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pics from the 5K

A couple of guys took pictures before, during, and after the 5K on Saturday. They were kind enough to share them on Flickr. One thing about a small race, it is easy to get into a lot of pictures! So here it is, the Race Judicata photo essay.
Here we are, gathering for the start. Yes, that is how many people were running the race! Well, minus a few who hadn't found the starting area. There I am on the far right, carefully listening to instructions.

Very important to adjust your ipod before the race starts!

Waiting. Nice hair. (That's why they make hats!)

The start! Surprisingly, I am not visible in this picture.

Throughout the race I trailed 138 and 139. They beat me by about 20 seconds.

Just runnin'....

Maybe this is at the top of the big hill...that may be why I look so dead!

My nemeses approach the finish line... I can be seen in the far background.

Okay, there I am, almost done!

I thought I had crossed the finish line at 24:45, but apparently I was wrong.

But I am so happy to be under 25 minutes!

Walking it off.

Sucking down orange wedges.

Telling the race organizers that I was a UW law graduate.

Okay, might as well have a little piece of muffin before I go.

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