Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I never regret a run

This morning was a perfect example of how deciding to run is almost always a better decision than deciding not to run. (I say almost always, because there are certainly legitimate reasons to not-run, including illness and injury, and sometimes a spontaneous rest day is totally worth it.)

This morning my almost not-running was not for any good reason, it was just because I didn't want to get out of bed. I actually got to the point of convincing myself that it would be a good idea to wait and run in the afternoon after work instead of the morning. Even though I didn't run yesterday and had no special need for extra rest. I did also convince myself to go to the Y instead of just staying in bed for an extra I wasn't being a complete slacker. Just a partial slacker.

But then the weather report came on (yes, I had the TV on as I was debating my morning plans) and the weather guy said that although it was dry this morning, it would almost certainly be raining by 5:00. Really? So I would choose not to run when it was not raining, and exchange that for running in the rain? Not real smart. Of course I will run in the rain when I need to, but choosing rain over no rain? That makes no sense.

So I jumped out of bed and threw on my running clothes. I figured I might only have time for about five miles since I had wasted so much time in my mental debating. Still, better than nothing.

This would be my third* run since Boston. I did seven miles on Easter, and 6.3 on Monday, all at about a 10:20 average pace. I felt fine and considered myself fully recovered. Today I wanted to do some kind of speed work, to challenge myself a little and prepare for Bloomsday on Sunday, where hopefully I can run a little bit fast.

So the plan was to warm up, then do three one-mile tempo intervals at Bloomsday goal pace**. Or something thereabouts.

I warmed up for about 2.25 miles (to a convenient turnaround point). Then I launched into my first speedy mile. I was running on a slightly downhill slope, so that gave me a little extra speed which I appreciated greatly. Mile 1 - 8:09 (woo hoo!). After a quarter mile recovery, mile 2 - 8:14. Another quarter mile, then mile 3 - 8:23 (a little incline in this mile). I added a tenth of a mile at 8:17 pace to make a 5K. I did a very short recovery jog then headed really downhill for the final half mile at 8:05 pace. With another short recovery, my total distance was 6.65 miles.

And I was really glad I decided to get out and run this morning.

*I did run a mile on a treadmill in the hotel on Friday, but that was more of a treadmill experiment than a run. Didn't enjoy the treadmill. I haven't been on a treadmill since about 2008, and I could tell.
**I am not claiming that I will actually run Bloomsday at an average pace of about 8:15. Just that I would like to.

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