Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer of Weight Loss?

Turns out I'm not the only one trying to shed a few pounds this summer. I read over on Chasing the Kenyans that Mom vs. Marathon was hosting a "Summer of Weight Loss," beginning July 1 and ending in September (at the end of summer). I've never joined one of these bloggy programs, but what the heck? It can't hurt.

I don't know that this will really make me lose weight, but I guess it is fun to go along with the herd. I am suspecting that my "145 by 45" campaign will have to be modified to "145 while 45," because I certainly have not been losing weight at a rate to get me there by August 19. Or losing at all, recently!

Here are the rules:

  • Weigh in once a week.
  • Use whatever weight loss plan you want.

  • Email Kerrie with your participation.

  • Participate in weekly challenges.

So I'm in. My starting statistics and so-called "before" pictures are here. My weight is on the ticker in the sidebar. My intent is to change it only when I go down. I'm not going to adjust for upward bumps because clearly those are just fluctuations!

The first challenge was to try one new fruit and vegetable. This was a hard one for me, not because I am adverse to fruits and veg, quite the contrary in fact! In going through the produce section at QFC, I have eaten almost every single vegetable and fruit at least once, some frequently. Well, I probably have not eaten every single variety of apple, but I thought that was not too exciting. In the fruit department, the one item I am pretty sure I have never had is plantain...but I didn't want that one. I finally settled on Juan Canary melon (more on that in a moment). In the veggies, I did find one that I have never, ever had, or even heard of! It is called Chayote squash.

Here are pictures of both in their virgin state. (I don't have any post-defilation photos, though.)

I was a little nervous about the melon. I wasn't sure how to tell whether it was ripe (I've later read that there should be a little give on the stem end). I cut into it yesterday, though, and it was perfect! The flesh is whitish/pale green (like a honeydew) but with a teeny bit of canteloupe blush. It was juicy and perfectly sweet, like the best honeydew. I am a fan! I don't know why it is called Juan Canary, by the way. Canary makes sense, considering the bright yellow outer skin, but Juan? Don't know who he is.

I tried the Chayote squash tonight. I cut it into sliced that looked like apple slices, and sauteed it like zucchini, with onions and some garlic and seasoned with salt and pepper. I discovered that unlike zucchini, it still retains its shape and some crispness even after sauteeing for quite a long time. The salt and pepper are important, as it is rather bland. I liked it, in a low key way (like zucchini), but it doesn't make my heart go pitter pat like other vegetables, for example brussels sprouts and winter squash.

I ran this morning again, trying to get back on schedule. I did the easiest progressive tempo run ever. The reason it was easy was not because it was easy (running never is), but because it was well within my comfort level. Not a bad thing, considering that my legs are still working on their recovery.

The plan: 8 miles, increasing the pace every two miles (10:30, 10:00, 9:30, 9:00).

The result: Miles 1 & 2 - 10:37, 10:09. Miles 3 & 4 - 9:57, 9:51. Miles 5 & 6 - 9:32, 9:44. Miles 7 & 8 - 8:47, 8:22 (intentionally). Total distance 8.30 miles.


Kerrie T. said...

I've never seen that squash before and your melon looks a lot like a casaba - they must be related. :) Glad to have you along. It's really about doing something as a group and motivating each other. Hope to lose a couple pounds in the process and just have some fun! :)

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lindsay said...

You did really well with this challenge - actually doing it and all ;) I haven't even heard of either of these before. I'm hoping that a little accountability will help me out -- especially since I posted my pics and measurements online!!

Nice job on the progression run!

Marie said...

Kristin, you are a brave woman (posting photos and measurements)!! And you continue to be my inspiration.

I have gone back on the South Beach Diet, and Mike has joined me this time. Phase 1 is a killer--I miss those grains and fruits! (Not to mention the occasional glass of wine.) We're on Day 3 of the 2-week Phase 1.