Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bill Clinton's Bucket List - Run a Marathon!

I heard on the radio that Bill Clinton commented on his "bucket list" during a speech today. On his "B" list (less serious things) he said he wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro before all the snow melted (purportedly within 20 years), and to run a marathon while he was still able.

As for the mountain climbing, he can have it, thank you. I already had my fill of mountain climbing in the snow about a month ago when Rod and I tried to hike up Mount Pilchuck before the snow was gone. We didn't make it to the top because we turned back when I had a freak-out/melt-down in some deep snow. And that's just a little mountain!

But a marathon? I'm there for you, Bill. I'd happily give up a sub-4 to run with you. Or maybe a run-walk plan would be better? Just say the word (and a few weeks notice for training on my part) and I'll happily join your team.

Which marathon would you like to do? Go classic with the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2011? (I'm actually available on October 31, 2010, but I think Bill would need more time to train.)

Or there's the New York City Marathon in your new hometown...again 2011 would be your best bet to allow training time. I might need a little help bypassing the lottery to get in, but I'm sure you could pull a few strings!

Want to do Boston 2011? I'll be there anyway. I've already qualified, and I'm sure they'd let you in as a VIP!

Maybe you want to go back to your old hometown and do the Little Rock Marathon on March 6, 2011. Of course, Mike Huckabee already did it (twice), but he's also done MCM and NYC, so you're not catching up to him anyway.

I wouldn't recommend Humpy's Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska (on August 15 this year, presumably mid-August next year as well), unless you think you could beat Sarah Palin's time of 3:59:36. (Even though I would like a shot at beating it—considering that it is just four seconds faster than my CIM time!)

The Chicago Marathon (in October, 2011 for you) is a classic, and flat, but I don't think it's a good bet because of the variability of the weather conditions. Also it's on the same day as the Portland Marathon, which I was considering doing in 2011 (doing the Half in 2010).

If you want to go international (and after all, you are beloved around the world), I would suggest London 2012. I am itching to do London, and 2012 is the soonest I could manage it. There's that whole lottery thing again, of course, but I'm sure your buddy Tony Blair could get us in. He's still got to have some pull, right? Or maybe you know Richard Branson?

If none of those appeal, there are dozens of other big and small marathons around the U.S. and world. I'm sure we could find one that would suit you. Just let me know when and where. I'll be there.

Yes, two blog posts in one day...I was feeling inspired!

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