Friday, July 30, 2010

Anacortes eve

Tomorrow is the Anacortes Half Marathon, which I have been considering my "goal" half marathon for the summer. I've run several this year, but all of them have been training runs, practice for marathon pace, or just for fun (or too hard to try for a good time).

Even though Anacortes is a minor race in the big picture (the world of half marathons), it is the one where I have decided to put my effort into a PR-type finish, before dialing back to "training pace" in anticipation of the next marathon.

Caveat here--I make no promises that I will actually do better than any of the other half marathons I've run this year! I just have that desire. Goal, if you will.

So, with great trepidation, comforted only by the thought that relatively few people actually read this blog, here are my Anacortes objectives, in descending order desirability, and ascending order of likelihood.

Super Platinum goal - sub-1:50. Probability - low.*
Platinum goal - 1:50:xx. Probability - still pretty low.
Gold goal - PR, meaning sub-1:53. (Sub-1:52 would be extra shiny gold, while not quite platinum). Probability - moderate.
Silver goal - sub-1:55. Probability - reasonable.
Bronze goal - sub-1:58. This would be a little faster than my last two half marathons, each of which had factors that slowed me down. Probability - darn well better be able to do this.
Shiny non-precious metal goal (stainless steel? zinc?) - sub 2:00. Probability - high, as long as the earth doesn't open up and swallow me during the race!

If I don't accomplish at least one of these goals, I may just come back and delete this post afterward!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Best wishes to the runners in the Chicago Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon and any other races!

*I am protecting myself by minimizing my expectations.

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Molly said...

Thanks for the shout outs for my giveaways! Good luck on your race, I love how you broke out the different levels! Have fun....