Thursday, July 15, 2010

Food Confessions and Running Confessions

This weeks Summer of Weight Loss challenge is "food confessions": What was your worst eating moment?

That's a difficult question...back in my heavy days I probably had many things to be ashamed of. I was never a binger, but without question I ate too much of stuff because it just tasted so good...I wouldn't have gained weight if I didn't!

Probably my most embarrassing food behavior was creating fattening food when there was none around. Specifically, sweets...even more specifically, stirring up small bowls of buttercream frosting and eating it with a spoon. I lurrrrve frosting. Oh yes I do.

So much for that. I also thought it would be amusing to post some "running confessions"...things I do running that I don't bother to mention in my blog posts. (These are things I do when running on my own, not in races! Somehow I am able to keep my act together better in a race.) So let's see, shall we...

In almost every run (and definitely the early morning runs), I have to stop at a bathroom 1-2 miles after I start. That's just the way things work, okay?

I always stop my Garmin when I pause at lights, or stop for any reason (tie my shoe, bathroom, water, etc.). If I kept it running my pace times would be way off!

Sometimes my starting pace in the mornings is close to 11 minutes per mile. It doesn't feel that slow...but it is.

I don't walk when I run. Sometimes I stop, but I don't walk. (Except between track intervals.) However, if I go for a walk and try to break into a run (like jog across the street), my legs feel like they've never run a step before. Apparently, while I don't walk when I run, I also don't run when I walk!

My regular running route finishes with the last 1-2 miles downhill. That helps a lot with a strong finish!

Some of the music on my iPod is really cheesy. In fact, when other runners post their playlists, I don't recognize a lot of the songs! Apparently I am old.

I really look forward to non-running days. In fact, I have been known to say to myself (for example, yesterday), "now I don't have to run again till Friday!"

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Michelle said...

I have really cheesy music too on my playlist... to the point where I'm actually embarrassed!