Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shamrock Run swag

I did the Shamrock Run 15K in Portland this morning. I'll write a race report eventually (I was pretty happy, though not ecstatic, about my result, 1:19:51, which is NOT BAD for a race that's more than 50% uphill).

But now for the important part--free (or discounted) stuff!

I didn't buy anything at the Adidas Company Store yesterday, even with a 50% discount on everything. But this afternoon I'm walking around the Pearl District, planning to cash in on some of the race-related offers. My first stop (where I am now) was Mr. Jolly's Coffee. The offer--a dozen donuts for 25 cents with a beverage. Cool, yes? I ordered a coffee (they do have good coffee!) and while I was adding cream they brought me my very small bag of donuts. Yes, the donuts are mini! You see one in the picture above. All the better, really. I ate that chocolate one and another plain one, and I'll bring the rest back to the hotel.

I'm not sure what other discounts I'll cash in on; I'm pretty sure there are other stores that will attract me even without freebies. My last stop will be Ben & Jerry's, two-for-one ice cream, and I'll have to hustle back to the hotel (where my mom is) before it melts.

A little later we also plan to hit the hotel lobby bar for a free happy hour appetizer. That's from 3-6.

Okay, better get going, I have a lot to accomplish here! :)

Congratulations to all the other Shamrock runners here and elsewhere! Lots of races going this weekend!
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lifestudent said...

That doughnut looks so good. Everything tastes better when its mini.

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