Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday quickie

I am allowing myself exactly ten minutes to write this. (You, of course, will not know whether or not I succeeded!)

Tomorrow I will finish up week 8 of my spring training schedule. Actually, technically it finishes on Sunday (as I do a Monday-Sunday week), but my long run is tomorrow this week. More on that in a moment.

Wednesday, my speedwork day, the schedule called for a 40 minute tempo run. I considered substituting some kind of track intervals instead, but I didn't really want to go to the track, so I stuck with a progressive style tempo run. (Hang on a moment as I waste some of my allotted minutes pulling up my Garmin splits.) I didn't bother with the 40 minute thing, but pretty much did my whole run progressive style. That allowed me to count even my warm-up mile in the mix. Check out these splits...*

1 - 10:32
2 - .42 mile at 9:37 pace
3 - 9:35
4 - 9:07
5 - 8:59
6 - 8:53
7 - 8:54
8 - 8:29
9 - 7:38
10 - .10 mile at 9:02 pace to finish.

Total distance 8.52 miles, 1:17:11, 9:03 average pace. That also made it a marathon-pace run, (average pace), which is good because my next run was a little bit slower.

I did my Friday run on Thursday because I'm planning for my long run on Saturday. I did my usual three mile warm-up (about 10:30 pace), 4.56 miles with Ann (Arjin running ahead) at about 9:15 average pace (progressing from 9:45 in the first mile to an 8-minute pace in the final half mile, go Ann!), then another mile and a half to finish at Starbucks.

Today I took off from running but I did a long elliptical stint at the Y and spent some extra time doing a few push-ups and my yoga stretches. I felt really loose and good when I finished!

Which is nice because tomorrow morning I am tackling a 30K! I'll let you know how it goes. :)

Gotta move now! Ten minutes over my allotment! Have a great weekend!

*One of the splits is a half-mile because I had to stop for the bathroom and I lost the satellite. I always pause the Garmin for bathroom stops and lights. Otherwise my pace would be all messed up.

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