Monday, March 1, 2010

I must go to London, immediately!

The U.S. - U.K. exchange rate dipped below $1.50 (to £1) for the first time since I was over there a year ago. At that time it was down in the $1.40's (yeah!) but over the winter it's been hovering at $1.60 and above. Today, £1 = $1.499, and it has been a steady drop through the $1.50's in the last few weeks.*

All this is making me wish I had thrown my name into the lottery last summer for the London Marathon on April 25. My plan is to try to get in for 2012 (planning on Boston in 2011), but that's a long way off and who knows what the exchange rate will be then! (Not to mention, there's no guarantee I'll get in anyway.)

So if anyone knows of an extra entry to the London Marathon going a-wanting, let me know!

Yeah, I'm 90% kidding.... (but if you can hook me up, pass it on, 'kay?)

*Yes, I do monitor the exchange rate daily. Doesn't everyone?

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Aka Alice said...

I don't monitor the exchange rate, but I'm thinking I should!