Friday, March 12, 2010

Driving to Portland is like running a marathon...

We drove to Portland this afternoon. We left Everett at noon and got to Portland at 4 p.m.--a solid four hour effort.

The distance from Everett to Portland is 200 miles, so four hours is a respectable time, if not spectacular. Certainly there are many drivers who could shave minutes, even tens of minutes, off that time. Obviously avoiding traffic congestion and bathroom stops helps facilitate a faster time.

I was satisfied with our middle-of-the-pack finish, though. We stopped twice at rest areas to use the bathrooms and stretch our legs. We didn't get bogged down by traffic much at all, only a slight slowing just coming into Portland near the finish. We were slowed a little by bad weather in southern Washington, though--heavy rain, sleet, and hail! At one point we saw four or five cars off the road in the muddy grass median.

I'll admit that although our Everett to Portland time was four hours, our actual finish time (arrival at the Benson Hotel) was more like 4:30. Still nothing to be ashamed of.

Though certainly not a PR.
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Terri said...

Good luck running tomorrow and hanging out with your mom in Portland! You've been doing much running, you have a good base, you'll do awesome! (Hope your weather is forecasted to be better than mine.)