Saturday, December 5, 2009

Easy Saturday

Yesterday afternoon I walked over to the Expo at the Convention Center, picked up my bib and chip, toured the booths at least a half dozen times, bought a cute pink Nike jacket that I totally don't need (but it was on sale for $30!), and hung out until 6:00 to hear Bart Yasso speak. (Very entertaining! I totally recommend his book, Life on the Run, if you haven't read it.)

We had dinner in the hotel restaurant. Convenient, and we had a discount coupon. (We have another one which we will use for steaks tomorrow night.) (Tonight we have a reservation at a nearby Italian restaurant recommended by other passengers on our airport shuttle.)

I am reluctant to say that I have a little cold. It started Thursday night and I really felt it in my throat and chest yesterday. I have been drinking cups of tea with lemon and honey (thank you Starbucks for putting a basket of honey packets out unguarded), gargling (best I can, I have no gargling skills), and PRAYING. I actually think the symptoms have improved today.

This morning we went down to the complimentary and carb heavy hotel breakfast. I indulged rather generously and took away some blueberry muffins and fruit for a snack/lunch (to be combined with cheese and crackers I brought), plus PB and bananas for possible consumption tomorrow. I just found out that they are opening breakfast at 4 a.m. for the runners tomorrow, but I may just go down to get coffee and still eat the oatmeal I brought (along with their banana). The lure of free food is strong but I have to consider my running needs!

Our hotel is right across the street from the old Governor's Mansion. It is a gorgeous wedding cake of a building, built in 1877 (thus Victorian in era). It was the California governor's residence from 1903 to 1967 (Reagan era), and after that became part of the state parks. It is open to the public for tours, and today and next Saturday is having a Christmas open house!

Of course we went. I am an old house afficianado (there may be a spelling issue there), and I love holiday decor. The docents (and there were many, obviously volunteers as clearly California couldn't afford to pay all those people) were dressed in fancy Victorian-style garb, and were very informative about the history of the house, furnishings, and past residents. (Also very vigilant in making sure we didn't step or touch anywhere we weren't supposed to.) They also had musical performances throughout the day, and cookies for the visitors ("one per person, and save it till you get outside so we don't get crumbs in the house").

That was our only stab at tourism today. My mom has a bum knee right now so we didn't want her to walk too far. We've been sitting in the hotel lobby with our books waiting for our room to get made up (one complaint about the hotel, slow housekeeping--it's almost 2:30!). Then it will definitely be time for lunch.

By this time tomorrow I will be DONE and then some!

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常法 said...

Gods mill grinds slow but sure........................................

lifestudent said...

Excited to hear the recap!!

runningcommentaries said...

I always get so nervous about people visiting sac. It's such a great city, but you have to know where to go! I hope you had fun visiting. Somehow I feel responsible :)