Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pre-run fuel?

Tonight I made a batch of these yummy Sweet Potato Oatmeal Cookies from a recipe I got off the Carrots & Cake blog (I'll link to the recipe later). They're made with a cup of mashed sweet potato (a medium-large sweet potato cooked in the microwave does the trick), oatmeal, a little flour, brown sugar, 1/4 cup oil, raisins and shredded coconut. (Don't bother if you don't like raisins and coconut, you need them to make the cookies soft and chewy!) My batch made 25 small cookies, which I calculated have about 75 calories each.

I might be concerned about allowing yet another sweet treat into my diet (just a few days ago I successfully tested Chocolate Pumpkin bread, another moderate calorie goodie from Carrots & Cake), except that I have a long run on the agenda tomorrow morning. I think I can consider my sampling of these healthy treats as legitimate carb loading. In fact, I may have two or three cookies for breakfast tomorrow before I head out.

I hesitate to mention tomorrow's running plans in advance, since there's always a chance that the rainy and stormy weather we've been enjoying might put a damper on my run. It hasn't happened yet (except for affecting the pace and quality of my running), but you never know....

But, barring a hurricane or typhoon or some other calamity, my intent is to do about 18 miles tomorrow morning, hopefully starting by 6:30. I did block out the morning for running, but if I get an early start there's less chance of running short on time and having to change plans. I need enough time to shower and dress for the afternoon work schedule, and, um, my massage appointment at noon!

In anticipation of the mega-calorie burn, I am ordering a Brooklyn Brothers' pizza for dinner tomorrow night. Oh yum, in advance!
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