Monday, November 16, 2009

Letter from my legs

Dear Kristin,

This is your legs here. You know, the ones that carry you around every day, all day, without a complaint? Well, we're a little unhappy with you right now.

We think you're taking us for granted. We had no problem with the 8-mile run at 6 a.m. Friday morning, despite being barely covered up as the wind and rain lashed us (while the rest of you was bundled up in a hooded windbreaker). Then on Saturday we rallied to an unheard of level to bring you a 10K PR of 49:20 (and never even heard a word of thanks). Despite that, we staggered outside again yesterday into moderately inclement weather and trotted up and down the hills of Mukilteo for fourteen miles. FOURTEEN MILES! All that an an average pace of 9:19 per mile. In mile 14 we even kicked it up to 8:28!

We gave you our entire weekend. Three days of running hard. Perhaps you didn't notice Saturday night when we were aching and making your heel throb and waking you up every couple of hours? (And you thought it was because you had to pee!)

We know you give us little respect. When we're not paying attention you whine about spider veins and you blame US when you can't buy tall boots because they don't fit over your calves. (You think that running is going to make that BETTER?)

But really. After everything we did for you this weekend, what do you do today? Get us up AGAIN and back out into the wind and rain for another run. Can you blame us that we can't muster up better than a 10-minute pace? And do you think that MAYBE the rest of your body mass battling the wind might be somewhat to blame for "our" slowness today?

Kristin, we need some respect. We need some loving care. We need some REST! That twinging heel pain? Just a little warning. We can cause you PAIN if you don't take some care. We don't want to, but keep up these long stretches of consecutive hard runs and we might have no choice.

And one more thing. Last night, as a reward for the long miles run? You got ice cream. (Yeah, we saw it!) We got EPSOM SALTS! REALLY????


Your legs


Dear Legs:

Got the message...please forgive me. We'll take tomorrow off from running, okay? And tonight, YOU get the ice cream!




MCM Mama said...


lindsay said...

too funny! maybe you can share just a little of the ice cream... i don't think you want to ingest the epsom salt ;)

lifestudent said...

sounds to me like its time for a little massage ... and ice cream, of course.

lifestudent said...

sounds to me like its time for a little massage ... and ice cream, of course.

Sun Runner said...

Mine would be way less polite. I suspect their response to the abuse I have heaped upon them would be "WHAT THE F@CK ARE YOU DOING TO US, WOMAN??!!"