Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a good holiday and, if you were up at 4 a.m. for shopping today, well, better you than me!

We were up early (not at 4 a.m. though) to head up to Stevens for a morning of skiing. Hit the slopes before the stroke of 9 (official opening time)!

The weather was grey and drizzly most of the way up, which was a bit discouraging. But happily the drizzle turned to light snow by the top, although fog and rather poor visibility persisted.

I felt a lot better about my skiing on this second trip up. I think I'm starting to get my ski legs back. It was nice that it wasn't too crowded today either. I guess everyone was either shopping or sleeping off their Thanksgiving dinners! We did a dozen runs, stopped for lunch, then went back out for eight more before calling it a day.

The only real negative was a small mishap, I guess you'd call it a skiing-related injury, that I suffered. There is something about the Tye-Mill chair that causes it to smack you in the backside as you get off. It's happened to me a few times and I've just laughed it off. But today it caught me hard, right in the tailbone, and it hurt so bad I was almost in tears. The most severe pain went away after a few minutes but I'm still sore even now. I have to sit JUST SO, and even lying down I am a little uncomfortable.

Luckily the one time it doesn't hurt is when I'm standing or walking, so I am praying that running will not be a problem, even with the jarring involved. (I am also hoping I will be all better by Sunday anyway!) I think this has solved my dilemma of whether to go work out at the Y tomorrow or take a real rest day before the Seattle Half on wins.

Yesterday, before the food festivities began, I ran about 15K in the morning. I started with about 4.6 miles on my own (average pace around 9:20), then joined a group for an informal turkey trot around Jennings Park. Since I was nicely warmed up, I ran with Tory at the front of the pack and did another 4.76, this time averaging 9:03. The fourth mile came in at 8:30-something! I couldn't stop then, though, I had to round up to finish.

I was happy I did the run to help offset the day's eating. I tried to be moderate but that sort of flew out the window when it was time for pie! Marionberry made by my secretary and a delicious hazelnut made by me and Rod (like pecan pie but with Oregon hazelnuts). I also brought an apple pie from Hagen's to be used for leftovers so I could keep the rest of the marionberry (it did have a K on it!). Tee hee.

So rest and repair tomorrow, semi-big run on Sunday!
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lifestudent said...

ok, I had to google it. I have/had no clue what marionberry pie is!


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