Tuesday, March 10, 2009

London calling

Must remember--am here to run. That would be a little too easy to forget considering that I haven't run since Saturday's 10-miler. Sunday was a rest (and ski) day, and Monday would have been a running day (especially as I didn't have to go to work), but what with the whole snow, and packing, and going to the airport thing, I gave myself a pass.

Today is Tuesday, right? That makes it fly into London, get a taxi to the hotel, drag my suitcases up three flights of stairs to my tiny single-room garret on the third floor where I don't even get the wireless signal, so I have to come down to the lobby or at least the landing on the stairs, then fall asleep while taking a short afternoon rest, then go find dinner, then read and watch TV and sleep off and on until waking up at midnight and coming downstairs to check email and write, day.

But tomorrow I will be up early for a run to and through Regent's Park. Just to remind my legs what they are supposed to be doing on Sunday (for a length of time that I anticipate to be a lot more than two hours) (on Sunday, that is, not tomorrow). I have been waiting almost two years to get back to Regent's Park for a run!

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