Monday, March 9, 2009

Just waiting now

We braved the snow and got out of Everett--by the time we got south of south Everett the snow was pretty much non-existent. The traffic was not, but we had allowed more than plenty of time.

Between the time I woke up at 7 this morning, and about noon, I managed to finish packing and finally get checked in. This was not without a fair amount of stress and the inevitable stress eating. I think my state of mind can best be illustrated by my reaction upon coming across a packet of "organic" Nature's Path toaster pastries leftover from last year's Whidbey Island Marathon. My reaction was "this is exactly what I need!" (Of course, there are few things I needed less.) A few observations: 1) toaster pastries hold up well over a year (even organic); and 2) organic toaster pastries are just as fattening and bad for you as the "regular" toaster pastries (e.g. Pop Tarts).

I finished my packing with relative satsfaction, although I know I still brought too many clothes (despite semi-ruthless paring down) and there are a few things I didn't find in time for the trip. Here are the things NOT going to England....

•My own camera. Never found. So we're bringing my mother's "new" camera.

•The Starbucks cards I bought when I was last in England, thinking they'd be cute gifts (never gave them). It would be nice to use them instead but... Can't find them.

•My Bath street map. Guess I'll have to buy a new one. Again.

Well, we're under two hours now. Time to shut down the BlackBerry and disable the internet (so I don't get socked with international roaming charges).
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