Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still around, just busy

What with little things like work, as well as Christmas approaching at the speed of light, I haven't had time to get together a post about the Las Vegas Half Marathon. Plus I need to figure out how to download some photos from my new camera (the origin of the new camera is part of my story). So as much as I'd like to spend several hours writing tonight, instead I'm going to be cleaning house, finishing unpacking, and getting set for a big Christmas decorating spree on Saturday.

But I hope to do some writing before I forget all about it. (But if the Eiffel Tower of margaritas didn't wipe it all from my memory, I'm sure a few days delay won't either.)

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and not going into a panic of unpreparedness like me!

(I have been adhering pretty well to my "no cookie" decree. I kind of forgot about it and bought a chocolate chip cookie at the airport in Las Vegas. And in the last couple days I've been excluding homemade almond roca at the office from the "cookie" category—it's candy, right? So much better. And there may have been a little bit of stress eating Tuesday night—I can't remember too well. But other than that, so far, so good!)


Michelle J said...

Hi just thought i'd stop by and say hello and how are you??

Looks like your real busy with holiday stuff!!! I am happy your running is going so good for you!!!

Have a very happy christmas!!!

Terri said...

If it makes you feel better, I've been eating cookies here today. if you'd like, I can eat enough of them for the two of us... ha ha ha