Saturday, October 25, 2008

Virgin London Marathon?

Beginning in 2010, Richard Branson's Virgin Money group will take over sponsorship of the London Marathon, now known as the Flora London Marathon thanks to its current sponsor, Flora margarine. I know this isn't new news, it was officially released in May of this year, but I just heard about it a few weeks ago and it's been floating around the edges of my mind since then.

I gather that this deal may have raised a few eyebrows in England, given Branson's flamboyant persona and take-over-the-world business empire. But as someone who has ridden in the mega-wonderful first class carriages of his Virgin train line, I have a bit of a soft spot for Sir Richard and his enterprises. I assume that the Virgin London Marathon will be an equally first class event.

It makes me wonder... it makes me just wonder if maybe, possibly, this is some kind of a sign, and whether the 2010 Virgin London Marathon should be... my first marathon?

Of course, I am not planning to ever run a full marathon.

But just in case, I filled out this.


Terri said...

um...I think maybe you might run a full marathon after all... :-) I used to say "never" too, and look what happened 3 weeks ago...

Laura said...

As soon as I saw the title of your post, I thought "wow, I wish I had never done a marathon so I could use the Virgin London as my first." GO FOR IT! You can totally do it :)