Thursday, October 9, 2008

The decision

Okay, I don't know what I was on yesterday but it must have been a lot better than today, in order to come up with such an ambitious anti-taper plan.

I've revised my expectations of myself. I'm not going to run tonight. I'm not sure about tomorrow, but I wouldn't be surprised if I don't run then either (although I'm getting a little twitchy, again, at the idea of such a lengthy hiatus before the half marathon).

I made this decision this morning while I was at the Y, or more precisely as I was leaving. After a nasty spell of sneezing all over the elliptical machine, spraying a billion most-likely infectious microbes over #11 (yes, I wiped it down, but I don't know how disinfecting the spray really is) (and hoping that nobody really saw this embarrassing episode). Followed by an hour of coughing and sniveling throughout the 6 a.m. yoga class* (there was a small pile of soggy tissues next to my mat by the time I was done).

So I made the judicious decision to take tonight off (even skipping my favorite yoga class, because it is so late at 7:15). Instead I will pack for Victoria (at a decent hour instead of the middle of the night), watch The Office and SNL while eating a nutritious dinner made up of all the food I want to get rid of before I leave town,** and hopefully get a good night's sleep for once.

There is still plenty of time to get well before Sunday and this time maybe it would help to conserve a little energy instead of expend it.***

Of course this will undoubtedly result in my gaining five pounds (with the help of the vats of honey I have been drinking in my tea). I can feel my pants getting tighter already. (No, seriously.)

So when I get home next week it will be. Big. Diet. After. Victoria. That will actually be really good timing, since I don't have another big race until early December (Las Vegas), and the holidays are still more than a month off. Plenty of time to shed the summer weight (just like the bears going into hibernation and living off their fat stores) and get those size 8's**** zipping a little easier. Actually it's not the zipping up that's a problem, it's more like the top button and what spills out once they're zipped and buttoned up.*****

So after court is done today and a meeting with the investment guy to see what's happened and happening to my retirement funds (which should send me running to the chocolate if nothing else does), it's straight home to the suitcase. Which I will pack lightly. I repeat. Pack. Lightly. Except for running clothes, of course which I will pack in great volume.

*Which was, as usual, extremely intense in the plank and upper body work. My arms were actually shaking during the side plank, which is so unusual! I've noticed that the instructor is built like a wrestler, all shoulders and torso, so no wonder she likes the plank poses.

**Perhaps, given what I say further on, it would be better not to eat all of the food in the fridge!

***I feel better right now, which makes me wonder if I should reconsider—I went back and forth on this numerous times during yoga—but I suspect the whole "conserve some energy" concept should apply here.

****Full disclosure—only some are size 8. Lots of size 10 too. Although I am wearing an 8 today, and I am breathing, just.

*****And I'm still adjusting to wearing pants again after the summer of skirts. Maybe they're supposed to feel this snug?

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