Thursday, October 2, 2008

This is totally not about politics

But let me say, politics can sure be bad for your health! (Think of Bill Clinton and the McDonalds runs.)

In order to watch the fun-filled vice-presidential debate tonight, I skipped my Thursday night workout at the Y and yoga class. I actually got home at 5:30 p.m.—as opposed to 8:30—and I hardly knew what to do with myself!

I don't usually eat dinner till late, so instead of making an early dinner I started noshing. Over the 90-minute debate I consumed: Some roast turkey breast. A lot of grape tomatoes (I mean A LOT). About half a cup of Fiber One cereal with some sliced almonds, dry (sort of like trail mix, except you probably wouldn't want to go out on the trail if you ate too much of it). A scoop of Ben & Jerry's berry & lemon sorbet. A small piece of dark chocolate. All washed down with a very big, very strong, iced skinny caramel latte.

As it turns out, I had no desire for dinner afterwards.*

It's a good thing I didn't have any tortilla chips, or real ice cream, or Oreo cookies handy. Because every "darn right" I heard sent me to the kitchen for another snack!

And then there's the sitting on my behind for 90 minutes when I'm used to spending that time working out. After I put my head down on the arm of the chair and actually dozed off for a moment (despite the quad latte, and despite the riveting exchanges on the TV), I moved onto the floor and did a few stretches and twists. I did a pushup starting from flat on the floor (that was hard). I tried out the sphinx pose to see if it feels as good in isolation as it does as part of a yoga routine (not quite, but still pretty nice). I thought about my exercise ball, put away upstairs when I was having people over—I should get it back out. It's great for sitting on and stretching over while watching TV.

The next presidential debate is on another yoga night, then the final one the following week falls during a Pilates class. Now that's something I can get behind missing!

*Not because of the debate, I was just full.

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