Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Great Debate (no, not THAT one)*

Here is the issue. This morning was my last "official" training run this week before the half marathon on Sunday. (Splits: 11:16, 10:56, 9:27, 10:37, 9:34, 8:50, and the remaining .6 mile at 10:30 pace, for a 2 slow, 1 fast, 1 slow, 2 fast tempo-like run.) Today is Wednesday. What should I do for the three days remaining before the race?

Friday, normally a running day, is out because I have to leave home very, very early to get the ferry. So here are my options.

  1. Run tomorrow (Thursday) in the evening before my yoga class with a running group at the Y. I don't know how far they go, but it can't be more than five miles, maybe even less, and the guy who told me about it says he runs a 10:30 to 11-minute pace. So it would be an easy run.
  2. Go to the gym at the Empress on Friday and do a short, fast-paced run on the treadmill to help fire up those fast-twitch muscles.
  3. Do both. Saturday can be my rest day prior to the race.
  4. Do neither. Cross train on the elliptical and go to yoga on Thursday and just walk and rest on Friday and Saturday in Victoria.
Oh, the dilemma.

My cold has not gone away yet. The sore throat is gone but other symptoms remain, include an onslaught of sneezing and the accompanying waterfall of snot. So maybe my decision will depend on how I feel tomorrow. I would like to try out the running group... but that would be somewhat contrary to my normal hermit tendencies. Usually I prefer to run alone, all by myself. Could I possibly break out of my shell and associate with others?

*I will apologize right now for the inevitable election-related allusions that I am sure I will continue to make for the next few weeks. While I certainly intend to keep this blog basically non-partisan, except for occasional possibly semi-partisan hints, I usually cannot resist the opportunity for a timely play on words. As a peace offering, here is an amusing article from the Seattle Times' Pacific Northwest Magazine that offers an electoral platform that I'm sure we can all get behind!

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