Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Race time amended

I just looked at the website for the Dog Island Run (June 7) and saw that they posted my finish time as 53:31 (as opposed to the 53:52 I previously reported). That makes my average pace 8:38 per mile; it also means I had a faster time than the chip time from the Hi-5 run on June 8 (which was 53:35, 8:39 pace). I'm okay with that! Also, according to the results list, I was only 23 seconds behind the really speedy woman with the stroller!

(Overall I was #16 out of 44 women; #4 in my age division; and overall #42 of 91 participants--that last number being my own calculation based on the finishers' list.) (In the Hi-5 run I was first in my age division, #8 out of 28 females, and #31 out of 51 participants.)

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