Saturday, June 28, 2008

Feeling the heat

Tomorrow is looking like my first long run in the real summer heat. Our weather has been cool, even cold, for most of the spring... but this weekend summer has arrived (yes, a week late).

I'm kind of nervous. I don't have to run in the heat; if I get up reasonably early I can do it while it's still mild out. I just don't know if I have the ability to get up at 6 (or even 7) a.m. on a Sunday morning! My best bet is to shoot for 6 and maybe I can get out there at 7.

I only want to do about ten miles. Maybe eleven. My total mileage is already up there this week, thanks to the extra run on Thursday, but with the Anacortes half marathon approaching in a month, I need to keep doing the long runs as well as logging aggregate miles. I keep tinkering with where I want to go (based on starting from my house), but I haven't managed to settle on a route. Clearly I am just ambivalent about the whole idea.

The other possibility is going to my parents' house and running on the beach. The tide is low around 8 a.m., which is perfect, but I would have to do some tinkering with the route to get a decent length run. My typical beach run, which involves running westward until there is no more beach, then retracing my steps back, is only about 5½ miles total. But I'll bet I can come up with something... it would be worth it to go to the beach instead of the hot streets. (And no need to get up at 6... 7 would still be a good idea, though.)

Today was a non-running day. I walked to the Y and did the Saturday yoga class, then 40 minutes on the elliptical cross trainer. Later on I walked to my office to do the paychecks for Monday while watching The Office online. I'm still sitting here, but need to head home before it starts to get dark (which will be a while, it's only 9:00 now). At least dawdling around the deserted office kept me away from weekend noshing at home (although I did eat way too many Starlight peppermint candies, pure sugar).

Best wishes tomorrow to all the brave souls running the Seafair Marathon!

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