Monday, June 23, 2008

A long, hard road

That is what I expect the next two weeks to be. Not the running road, but a life/work road. My life will be hard because work will be hard. The light at the end of the tunnel (a few mixed metaphors here) will only come after the third 0f July. Yes, that's right, on July 4, Independence Day, I should finally be free of this huge burden. (Not that there won't be more burdens to come, many more!) (It's a big, stressful trial, okay?)

So for the next couple of weeks I really have to devote myself to work, which may mean less time writing here and more time writing my trial brief. (It better mean that.) I still plan to get up early to run before work, although some of my evenings in the Y may have to be sacrificed to the office. No more races until the 4th of July.

Running has been a sanctuary for me. When I am running I can dwell on work stuff if I want to, but I can also put it out of my mind for the hour or so I'm out on the road. It's easier to do this when I'm running than when I'm in yoga class, for some reason.

I did find, however, last year when I had a big trial to work on, that I had to stop running for a few days to really focus on the trial. I had to get out of my regular pattern, which included the running, to shake myself up so I spent the extra time I needed at work. So we'll see how it goes this time around.

I shook myself up a little this morning when I was running by tripping and falling hard. My only lasting injury was a badly scraped knee. It is still quite raw but mostly covered by my knee-length dress. Between leaving five minutes late and the fall, I ended up having to cut my run a half mile or so short, in order to have enough time to get ready for work. Priorities... I guess going to work with regular clothes on and dry hair takes a slightly higher priority over running a few more blocks!

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Laura said...

Good luck with work! Sorry it's stressful but I'm glad it's only two weeks away. Also, hope your scrapes heal soon!