Monday, June 16, 2008

"No cake" amendment

So I'm amending the "no cake in June" policy. Not relating to the cake. I'm amending to add a few more "C" foods to the ban list. That would be no cake, cookies, candy, crust (as in pie crust), or Cool Whip. Or (sigh) cinnamon rolls. (Just through the end of the month, okay?)

You might notice that I did not include chocolate. Obviously chocolate is a C food and it also falls within the "candy" category. However I am not precluding chocolate if it is consumed in a medicinal fashion. That means by way of a chocolate calcium or the occasional small piece of chocolate to keep my blood pressure down. (Of course, I don't have a blood pressure problem, never had, but why take the risk? Actually this exception is more for my mother than me, as she does need to work on her blood pressure.)

The Cool Whip has been added to the list as my consumption of Cool Whip Free has (in the last few days) escalated to being comparable to ice cream. News flash: Cool Whip Free is not "free" if you eat the whole carton. Or even half a carton. Not that I would ever do that. I'm just saying. (The exception to this is that I will allow Cool Whip Free if it is to go on top of rhubarb sauce. Somehow the tartness of rhubarb, even when sweetened with Splenda--which is the only possible way to eat it--prevents me from eating too much at one time. A little goes a long way. But not spooned directly from carton to mouth. I mean the Cool Whip.)

I came to this decision when I looked at a backside picture of me from one of my recent races and I did not like what I saw! Altogether too broad and bulbous, if you know what I mean!

Plus, I do want to get some weight off before the Anacortes Half Marathon on July 26. Not only do I want to do well for the usual reasons, I also have an additional incentive to finish near or even below two hours. I am (planning on) catching an 11:50 San Juan ferry and the earlier I finish, the more time there will be to get to the ferry (about 5 miles from the race start/finish). (The Half Marathon starts at 9 a.m.) I'm going to a wedding and if I don't get that ferry, I will have to wait for a later one which will not get me to the island in time for the wedding! (Luckily I'm just a guest, not a participant, so even if I am late to the ceremony it won't be the end of the world. I'll get there in plenty of time for the cake!) (Because it will be July and July is not No Cake Month!)

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