Sunday, September 18, 2011

Running dreams

Note: I wrote this on Wednesday, 9/14, had posting problems, and forgot about it till I ran across it on Sunday....


This morning I was having running dreams before I woke up. Now granted, this was during the half-sleeping minutes while I was hitting the snooze alarm and procrastinating over getting up to clearly running was on my mind.

In the dream we were staying in a motel somewhere and I wanted to go running but had forgotten my Garmin and iPod. Understandably, I was upset. Obviously I could run without them, but I was being unreasonable and passive aggressive even in the dream. I knew that I could use my phone instead of the iPod for music or audio diversion, but I conveniently ignored that. And I kept saying, how can I do a 20-mile run without the Garmin to measure it? Never mind that I had already mapped out a 20-mile route on Map My Run. I was also stressed because it was dark outside and I don't like to run in the dark.

So, let's analyze this dream. Well, I didn't want to get up to run, that could be a factor. And for the first time this summer, it was dark in the morning (though only half dark by 6:15). And I am planning a 20-miler on Friday, which I've already planned on Map My Run. So, duh, my early morning running ambivalence was manifesting itself in my dreams.

Once I did get up, and out, I had a fine run. I didn't manage a 10-minute pace for the warm-up miles, but I made up for it with speed work. Nine half-mile repeats, 7:45 to 7:58 pace. I didn't need to do ten because I have room on the calendar for one more set, about ten days before the marathon. Perfect. I ran nine miles total, 8:53 average overall pace.

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