Saturday, September 24, 2011

The rest of the weekend...

This was last weekend...can't believe it's Saturday already!

A couple more comments about my long run on Friday (9/16).... Although I had no quad pain (in an injury sense) during the run, after I was finished I was, as you would expect, tired and sore in my quads and hamstrings and pretty much all over. I would have loved to take an ice bath but I barely had time for a shower before I needed to get to work.

A few weeks ago I bought compression knickers (capris) and calf sleeves from 110% Play Harder using a Schwaggle coupon. This gear comes with ice packs that you can freeze and insert into the clothing to provide on-the-go ice therapy. Thursday night I froze some of the ice packs to use with the calf sleeves on Friday. My legs would have loved the ice on my quads and hamstrings, but wearing the knickers to work would have been too awkward. I did use the iced up calf sleeves. The ice packs seem to stay cold for about an hour of use.

While I haven't worn the knickers yet, I did try them on Thursday night and they didn't seem the most comfortable (the stitching around the knees felt tight, but that may be because I have fat chubby knees). I do look forward to trying them out some other time when I can just lie around for a while.

Anyhow, moving on to Saturday. (Which I thought I already did when I started this the other day. What happened to my missing paragraphs?) Saturday was a rest and cross training day. I thought I'd probably just go to the Y for some elliptical time. Dull, but convenient. (Now I know that I already wrote about the weekend weather....) The weather had changed from summer sun to cloudy almost-fall. It wasn't cold but it seemed gloomy.

Rod suggested we head over to Rimrock for some mountain biking. The weather was about the same over there but it would be fun. So we took the long drive over the mountains (no fall foliage yet) and hopped on the bikes. We rode around the hilly gravel roads. That's pretty low key for mountain biking but we're pretty much novices so that was plenty. My gears still need adjusting and I was not able to gear down to the lowest gear, so I ended up walking some of the steeper hills. I'll just call that another form of cross training!

On the way back we stopped in Waterville and had an early dinner at Kopey's. Even though it was only 4:30 I was ravenous and devoured my steak, baked potatoes and garlic bread. And a cup of soup. We had only eaten a Safeway sandwich for lunch so I guess my stomach was a little empty. Also biking makes you me hungry!

Sunday I went out for a 9-mile progressive run. I am in this weird place of starting to taper, but still training for the Bellingham Bay Half on September 25 (which is now tomorrow!). I did two miles warm-up (about 10 minute pace), four miles sub-9 (8:45-8:55), two miles at 8:20, and the final mile at 9:20. The whole run pretty much touched on all potential, possible, and likely paces for both the half and full marathons. My average pace for the whole nine miles was 9:01.

And here it's the weekend again! The rest of the week went well enough. My main difficulty was getting up in the morning to get the miles in. Monday - very creaky recovery run. 6.25 miles, just under 10 minute pace. Wednesday - 7.27 miles with four tempo (8:24, 8:23, 8:35, 8:15). Thursday - 7.06 miles with four quarter mile interval up and down Grand Avenue Park (about 8 minute pace on the repeats, slower than I would be on the track). On Wednesday and Thursday I was wearing my new shoes for the marathon and I didn't want to get them dirty going to the track! I also cross-trained on the elliptical and went to yoga Monday and Wednesday night.

Today is my pre-race rest day for reals! Except we're going for a bike ride.

It is also carb load day. Kodiak cakes pancakes for breakfast with bananas and maple syrup. Yum!

I have also been filling in the carb-deficient cracks with Pumpkin Chia Muffins. In fact, I just ate one right now to fuel up for the ride...after all it's been almost three hours since breakfast! (A note about the recipe...I used more than one tablespoon of chia seeds, there is no need to grind them up, and the reference to "salt and pepper to taste" is obviously a mistake.)

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