Sunday, May 1, 2011

A few more things I forgot...

Sorry about the lack of paragraphs in the earlier post. I really do put them in. First blogger failed me, now the iPhone is ignoring my hard returns as well. :( (Although the paragraph spaces worked here. It's a mystery to me!)

The variation in pic size is also an unintended consequence. Of course the homely self portraits are gigantic and the nicer ones are tiny. :( again. (I fixed this later, now they are the same size, hopefully!)

Despite the cold morning it was not cold for running. My gloves came off in mile 2. Yes, of course I carried them the rest of the way. I have never yet thrown away a pair of $1 gloves! I also determined within a few miles that I would have done fine in a sleeveless top. I have determined this every single year and have not yet gone sleeveless in Bloomsday!

I saw two people in my general vicinity wearing the yellow Boston tops and walked through the finish area with a woman who had been there with three family members (though didn't run herself). I saw a couple of people afterward walking around in Boston finishers jackets (yes, I put mine on later after I changed clothes). I also saw several people in Portland marathon shirts, Seattle marathon shirts, etc. It's like we all wanted to prove that we could run further than 12K.

We are going to have the hotel $15 early bird dinner. So it's time for me to go eat.

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