Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogging by iPad

I've been reading on other blogs that Blogger was down on Thursday and Friday. I wouldn't know about that as I haven't tried to post anything for a few days! Let's say I've been busy with work, shall we? Okay, also playing with my iPad, reading blogs, reading books on the Kindle app, and playing crack, I mean Bookworm.

Today I finally decided to write a blog post using the iPad. I'm just doing it with the regular blogger, not a special app, and it's working okay. A few quirky things, but probably due to user error.

So, let's see, what's been going on. I've been running since Bloomsday on May 1. I may have already written about some of this, I can't remember. Both last week and the week before, I've tweaked my schedule a little bit to accommodate post-race legs, iffy weather, and a weak character (early morning laziness). Still, I've managed to follow the general weekly plan of one easy run, one speed/tempo run, one goal pace rn (meaning a few miles at marathon, or better yet half marathon, goal pace effort), and one long run at an easy pace. On non-running days I fill in with cross training on the elliptical and an occasional rest day. So the last two weeks have looked like this:

Monday, May 2 - Elliptical, yoga
Tuesday, May 3 - Elliptical in the morning in lieu of running, 9.34 miles in the evening (9:53 avg pace)
Wednesday, May 4 - 7.75 miles evening, with 3.1 at tempo pace (8:22/mi)
Thursday, May 5 - Elliptical, yoga
Friday, May 6 - 7.5 miles easy
Saturday, May 7 - Rest
Sunday, May 8 - Heroes Half Marathon, 1:55:10 (plus 1.3 miles warm-up). This race combined my long run and Pace run, hence the two easy runs earlier in the week.
Monday, May 9 - Elliptical, yoga
Tuesday, May 10 - Elliptical in morning, 8.78 miles after work, <10 pace
Wednesday, May 11 - Elliptical, plus a massage
Thursday, May 12 - 7.27 miles (morning!) with four miles at marathon/half pace (8:51, 8:55, 9:00, 8:43, plus a half mile at the end at 8:25 pace)
Friday, May 13 - Elliptical, plus six miles walking in the afternoon (I walked home from work, then did a 3.25 mile neighborhood loop, then walked to Gordito's to get a burrito for dinner).
Saturday, May 14 - Have a Heart 10K, 52:51 (plus 1.5 mi WU and about .3 after).

Tomorrow should be my long run.

Even though my half marathon time was just so-so (but definitely my best this year), I ended up winning second in my age group! Actually I was third, but the first placer won an overall award, so dropped out of the AG awards. I never expected to win anything with a time over 1:50! I left before awards, but dropped by on my way to brunch to pick up my sweet red ribbon. The two ahead of me were sub-1:40, which is more like it!

My 10K today was another solid but not spectacular finish time. My average pace was 8:30...I would have liked to see 8:15-20, but it was not to be. The race started at Edgewater Park in Mount Vernon and the first two miles were on a gravel trail along the dike. It was nice for running but not a fast surface for me. Then we moved onto paved roads for a couple miles, which I liked. Finally we were back on the dike to finish. That kind of put a damper on my big "push" in the last two miles. But I was okay with my time. I felt like I ran hard without killing myself. There weren't too many females ahead of me. I might have won an AG prize had the been tracking ages. Oh well.

So that was it for the last two weeks. we are finally getting some sporadic spring weather here. Some of those runs were in the sunshine! I'm hoping for more of that in the weeks to come!

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Running Girl said...

Hi - just found your blog searching on the Mud & Chocolate Trail Run (Redmond Watershed). Are you running it again this year? I run on trails pretty regularly, but this will be my first trail race, and my first 1/2.

Would love any advice you might have about the run!