Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A different kind of taper

If I thought that after cancelling my marathon this weekend I would be jumping right back to high intensity training (and I sort of did think that), well, I was wrong.

This morning I intended to do today's scheduled run, but adding back in a few miles. I got up and headed out as planned, but after a little more than a mile my intestines started freaking out. To make a very long, unpleasant story short, I ended up turning around and walking home, and that was the end of my morning run.

I had in mind making it up in some fashion this afternoon, after spending some time with Rod at the hospital, but that changed too when he called to say he would be discharged today. So today's plans did a quick change to getting him home and settled.

It's 3 pm now and we are home, and I guess there could be an afternoon run (except that my running clothes are still at my house and we just ate pizza for lunch). But frankly, I just don't feel like it.

Tentative new plan is to run tomorrow before work (in between assisting Rod as needed). Friday could be a Y day, or maybe a run, and I WILL get my long run done this weekend. Saturday seems like the best for weather, but I guess we'll see how things develop.

Of course my lack of running and lack of marathon hasn't prevented me from fueling up and carb loading. Example: the pizza we ate for lunch. Example: the chicken and cornbread casserole my mother is making us for dinner. Example: the lasagne my secretary is sending us tomorrow. All this is meant to feed the invalid but I still have a marathon-sized appetite too.

I am trying not to suffer too much guilt over the decreased running. My priority is helping Rod right now, and he'll be more mobile and self-sufficient soon. A running cutback this week isn't going to make much difference in the long run, especially with another eight weeks to play with in my training. There's plenty more running to come.
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Andrew Opala said...

great that you are so flexible and happy about it!

lindsay said...

Health and family are definitely more important. Glad you are more at peace with yourself. Running will always be there!