Friday, September 3, 2010

22 miles

Blogging from the bath! I finally took the ice bath plunge. Granted, I'm a little skimpy on ice, since I didn't feel like hauling a whole bag from the store after my run. I just used what I had stashed in big ziplocs in the freezer. Enough to help keep a good chill on the water, without actually inducing hypothermia. I like! I have a long sleeved fleece on my top half, which is keeping me cozy (along with the hot drink and the body heat still lingering from my run). Just need to avoid dipping my elbows in the water!

About the run, in brief. 22 miles. (That's brief!) It felt much less difficult that my 20-miler two weeks ago. My average pace was about the same, something under 10:30. I was a little faster overall today.

I could actually linger in the cold bath a lot longer than I have time for today. I'm enjoying it! (Next time, more ice.) Unfortunately, the 22 miles sucked up the whole morning and I actually have to go to work this afternoon!
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Molly said...

Thats fabulous, nice job!!

P said...

I love that you're wearing socks in your ice bath. :-) The Starbucks definitely helps take the chill off!