Thursday, August 5, 2010

And then, a slump

Pretty much as soon as I finished my training plan and recklessly posted it on the blog and Facebook, I seem to have fallen into a slump. I've had a hard time running, already had to change some things on the plan, and fear that I'm losing my mojo.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I had to cut my morning run short at 3.36 miles due to some severe GI issues. I abandoned the planned 800's and got myself home as quickly as I could...enough said about that.

I really wanted to make up the missed mileage and possibly do the 800's after all, so after work I changed into running clothes and headed out. It was warm (for here), in the 70's, but not so hot as to be a problem. I chugged around a 5K route in my neighborhood, then stopped at home to change into my new Newtons and try them out at the track.

I think it is going to take me a while to get used to the Newtons. They fit comfortably but the "bump" on the forefoot is a little odd. I certainly didn't feel Ninja fast, as I had hoped! I jogged over to the track and started my first attempted 800. Unfortunately there was NO gas in my tank and not only was I slower than I almost ever am with intervals, as I approached the quarter mile mark I knew I couldn't keep it up for another time around. So I changed the 800's to 400's and did four, with quarter-mile recovery jogs between. Even just doing 400's the best pace I could manage was around an 8-minute pace. Pathetic.

The second half of my run, with the 400's, was another 2.53 miles total, which brought my overall total for the day to 8.99 miles. What, I couldn't squeeze out another .01 mile? I honestly didn't pay attention to the cumulative total, or I certainly would have!

I refueled with a mocha frappucino light from Starbucks. I forgot to ask for extra coffee so it was all sweet and chocolatey...nothing wrong with that!

This morning I was planning to go out to run again, but after waking up at 5 a.m. and eating a mini-breakfast cookie to fuel, I decided not to go. And I decided not even to go to the Y. Instead I laid in bed and read, fell asleep for a little bit, and then ate breakfast. I guess I should have cut something out of my breakfast to account for the breakfast cookie, but I did not.

It's been a hard day at work, hectic and stressful enough that my running FAILS have not been primary in my mind. I didn't even have time to eat my lunch until about 3:30. So now my stomach is still full of salad and vegetables, although I'm sure that will wear off by the time I leave here.

I am torn between shooting for an afternoon run again (and "making up" for my bailing this morning), or letting today be a true rest day and lounging around all evening. Both options have their appeal. Tomorrow morning I am going to the Y, not running, because I do have a 10K on Saturday morning and a long run on Sunday, so I really need to be fresh and not all tired for the weekend. So I could go for a run today and still have 36 hours or so to recover.

Or I could try to rest both my mind and body and sit on my patio and read. (Plus do laundry and dishes and get stuff together for the weekend and all that.) I am so afraid of falling into a place where my running falls apart not only physically (as in my abilities) but mentally (as in not wanting to run). (If I asked anyone's opinion, such as my mother, she would say "of course you should rest, don't run," which would just make me think I should go run. So instead of talking to real people, I am just venting here.)

I feel like the 10K on Saturday is sort of a test of whether I have really (somehow) fallen apart. If I do well, then I am still on track. If the wheels come off the bus...well, then the wheels have really come off the bus.

In addition to the numerous fails changes to my training plan already this week, I have already cancelled my plans to do a 10K at the end of August. Rod wants to go to Eastern Washington that weekend, and that's fine with me. I have so many things scheduled that we have to work around, I am happy to give up one unimportant 10K to do something he wants to do.

I feel like I have had such a morose tone here, I want to end with some happy stuff! A couple weeks ago I got a package of coffees that I won in a giveaway from MCM Mama. Very exciting! And today I got an email from Kristina of Marathon Mama, telling me I had won her FitGirls giveaway! It sounds like a great organization and I hope she got lots of donations.

So, almost time to head home. I'm leaning toward the "day off" option. I don't think it's just laziness, I really think I need to clear my head. And gear up for a couple of great runs on the weekend!

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lindsay said...

Wednesday wasn't all that bad of a day. I'd def round up to an even 9, claiming that surely I took an extra step somewhere :) but yeah GI issues... ugh! I've had too many of their interruptions during runs this year myself. Many runs cut short too.

Skipping Thursday AM was lazy, but sometimes we do need a real rest day. Maybe your body was trying to get your attention? Sometimes though we need to ignore those lazy cravings and run. I try to tell myself how good I feel after a run. I see on your newer post that you went an got your run in. Way to go! Glad the nice weather could help get your motivation going :)