Monday, January 4, 2010

So it's 2010—now what?

What is the proper etiquette these days—make resolutions? Don't make resolutions? I do have a few things I plan to pursue, or accomplish, in 2010, although I don't know that I would call them resolutions, as such. Perhaps surprisingly, they don't have too much to do with running. I feel like my running is in a pretty good place and I don't need to set up special goals to improve it. I do have some plans, but even those are still in development.

But as for the things I do want to accomplish in 2010...some are very concrete and simple, others are more ephemeral.

Start taking Vitamin D and, probably, fish oil capsules. (I used to take both but stopped when I ran out of Vitamin D!)

Floss regularly. And start using a Sonicare!

Start going back to yoga and possibly Pilates, if I can find a class. Work on my core. Consider weight training. I stopped going to yoga and Pilates over the summer because the classes are in the evening and I wanted to have my summer evenings free. After summer ended, I had a hard time giving up my free evenings! As for working on my core, I can do that either by taking classes or on my own; I think classes are probably easier to stick to. And I do want to lift weights, but that's another thing that would require spending some of my unoccupied evenings at the Y.

Spend less money, save more. Pay things off and be more financially responsible! Seriously. I have enough clothes, already! Including running clothes. I have enough tech shirts and jackets to keep me dressed for years!

Get my house cleaned up, get rid of clutter (including old paid bills which I really don't need to keep). Make it as nice as it deserves to be and keep it that way, okay?*

Also, fix some things that need fixing. Replace the burned out light bulbs, for goodness sakes! Is that too much to ask of myself?

Work on my yard and garden! I had great tomatoes last year but slacked on everything else (meaning ornamental stuff, not more vegetables).

I don't have any particular expectations for work. I plan to continue to do my job well and balance it with my life, but I don't see any special changes in store.

I don't have any healthy living goals because I do eat amazingly well (especially in the vegetable department) and I don't plan to change that, except, of course to continue my ongoing efforts not to over-indulge in sweets. I don't eat fast food, I don't drink alcohol, really my only major weakness is sugar (cookies, cake, and candy), and most of the time I keep that under (pretty good) control.

I would like to lose a little weight (well, lose a few post-marathon plus holiday pounds, which should come off quickly, I hope, and maybe a few more), but I don't consider it a major New Year's Resolution. I have been reading a book called Racing Weight, and after I finish it and think about it some, I may write a post about the topic.

Now, for the fun stuff! Since I started writing this a couple of days ago, I have firmed up some of my race running plans for 2010. In addition to the specific races below, I am sure there will be a few 5K and 10K runs, either ones I've done before or new ones. I'm not committing to anything specific in that area yet because I feel like I need to be flexible in not booking up every single weekend with some running agenda (other than the usual long run). The ones below are races I am pretty sure I will do--some of which I have either registered for or made hotel reservations for, or both.

Sunday, May 2 - Lilac Bloomsday 12K, Spokane. Haven't actually made any arrangements yet (except for "just-in-case" reservations at the Davenport Hotel) but I feel the need for 12K redemption--my time last year was slower than the year before, and I am in need of a 12K PR! I am hoping that my lackluster pace last year won't bump me back into a slower starting wave.

Saturday, June 5 - Newport Marathon, Newport, Oregon. This will be my next marathon! Newport is on the Oregon Coast, more than 300 miles from here but driveable with an early morning start on Friday. My parents are coming with me and we are spending a few days down there, returning on Monday. I picked this one because the time frame is good (spring), the course looks reasonable, the location is a scenic destination but doesn't require flying or excessive travel, and I'm not quite ready for the Big Sur Marathon!

Fortuitously, Rod and I are going to Kona, Hawaii for Memorial Day weekend, which is the week before Newport. This will be a great opportunity to relax and taper, as well as run on the Big Island. I never really got around to writing a lengthy blog post about our trip to Kona last year, but I have always felt that Kona is where I really started to get my speed back (after my gradual redemption that began in the spring). Plus I should be in top pre-marathon shape by that time (we can hope), which is all the better for wearing shorts and swimwear.

Saturday, July 31 - Anacortes Art Dash Half Marathon. I'm not signed up for this one yet, but I've done it the last few years and plan to do it again unless there is some reason I can't.

Saturday, September 11 - Fairhaven Waterfront 15K. This is my favorite race. This year I am making it an event for my dad's 70th birthday, we will all be staying at the Fairhaven Village Inn for the weekend!

Sunday, September 26 - Bellingham Bay Marathon. This is going to be my "big" marathon for the year, meaning the one where I try to PR (assuming I am in a good position for that by September). I just happen to have 3:55 and 3:50 pace bands that I got at the Las Vegas Marathon last year for use in the half marathon distance...maybe I can recycle them here! The Bellingham Half last year was my PR, and I am tempted by the full....

Sunday, October 10 - Inaugural Portland Half Marathon. I am not too thrilled with the concept of running a half mary two weeks after a full; I would definitely prefer the reverse order. But I was lured into signing up for the first Portland Half (since I didn't try to get into the Virgin London Marathon this year, I guess I wanted to do the first of something), and of course I had already kind of decided to do the full up in we'll see how it goes. Worst case scenario, I'll be slow--not the end of the world! My mom is coming with me and we're staying at the Benson Hotel.

The other long race that I would like to do, but have not included because I really don't know what my plans will be for that weekend right now, is the Shamrock 15K in Portland on Sunday, March 14. I have marked that Friday and Monday off work, though....

By the way, part of my non-spending and decluttering plan does include spending money on experiences and travel (like races), rather than on things which I don't need and take up space! So stop raising your eyebrows over all the hotel stays I have been planning! :)

*If I did better with the not spending money and managed to get things decent, I could even look into my greatest dream, which is paying someone to come in every week (or every other week) to clean.


aron said...

i have looked at newport a few times!! it looks like a fun very pretty race :) yay 2010!

OnitaSPedrosa said...

Hello~happy new year............................................................

Terri said...

You and I are so on the same wavelength when it comes to some of your new years goals. My husband and I have been un/decluttering a lot over the last week or so and it feels good. A long way to go still, yes, but we're making some headway anyway.

And I get you on the spending money for experiences, rather than books. That's why I asked my husband again this year if my Christmas present could be the fee for indoor track.

Oh, and I definitely hear you about the running clothes! I think I have 16 short sleeve technical shirts. Seriously, do I need anymore?! Hell, no!