Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Results dilemma

The final results from the Nookachamps Half were posted online (really quickly!) and there was only a two second difference between me and the girl who stepped in front of me before we handed in our bib tags. She is listed as 1:56:15 and I am listed as 1:56:17, although it should have been the reverse. Obviously I am not going to be bothered about a two-second discrepancy (no, really, I'm not).

But it does give me pause over what time to post as my finish time. My real time? My official time? My watch time (1:56:16)?

Well, I'm going with the official time and sucking it up. I'm not sitting here pouting over two seconds (no, really, I'm not).

In other news, Judge Dave finished way ahead of me in a time I could only dream of—1:44:16. Whew! That's like an 8-minute mile pace!**

I'm not going to be beating that in this lifetime. Good for him, though! (Yeah, really, I mean it!)

*Or 7:58 if you use a calculator and count every second. And I certainly would if it were my time, just to claim the sub-8 pace!


Lisa said...

She's not in your age group, so I wouldn't worry about it. ;-) Your time is great, no matter if it is :15, :16 or :17 seconds. I always go with the official time, btw. If there is a big discrepancy, I'll e-mail the race director, but not for a few seconds.

congrats again on a great race.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

You decided at the last minute to run the half? Wow! That's a great finishing time!

Heather Hamamoto said...

This is Heather Hamamoto of Seattle, age 28. I randomly came across your blog and was shocked to see that you would call out another runner over something as minor as a 2-second discrepancy in a non-chip timed race. I did not intentionally step in front of you (and in fact, would have forgotten to even turn my bib tag in had a race volunteer not motioned for me to do so) and think that the more appropriate and mature action would have been to have said something to me right there. I could have apologized to you for my inadvertent gaffe and you could have had your precious 2-second reduction. Not that it would have resulted in anything monumental like qualifying for Boston, placing in your age division or even significantly improving your overall pace, but it would at least have prevented you from presenting yourself as bitter and petty to your readership. Bad form "Runner Girl." Bad form.

Kristin said...

I sincerely apologize for using your name and being snotty about it. I was mostly frustrated by the confusion and lack of organization at the finish line. I think the race officials could have kept it in line better. I know it is ridiculous to get in a twist over two seconds! I actually appreciated running in your vicinity throughout the race and got a kick out of seeing your white jacket back and forth on any number of occasions. All my best in your future races and if we are in the same event again, be assured that I will not be so poor-spirited.
Kristin Timm

Heather Hamamoto said...


I appreciate and accept your apology. Best of luck in your future races as well.