Saturday, January 2, 2010

The decades

I have finally succumbed to the navel-gazing urge to reflect back on the decades leading up to this new one. Don't worry, it will be brief!

The 60's—I was born halfway through. Spent most of my time hanging with my Norwegian grandmother, waiting to get into school. Highlight of decade: 1968, my sister was born.

The 70's—The grade school years (K-8). I learned to read and read A LOT. Spent every summer at the beach, swimming and climbing logs.

The 80's—The education years. High school, college, law school. Ran and biked intensely but sporadically. I was thin most of the time and mostly thought I was fat. I didn't touch a computer until college (when I took a BASIC class) and didn't regularly use one until law school (in the computer lab, for papers). Highlights of the decade: the friends I made in college and law school, the great shows on TV (e.g. Cosby Show, Murphy Brown, Designing Women, L.A. Law), my first trip to England (as a student in my junior year of college).

The 90's—Post-law school slump. Spent most of the decade in law clerk-like jobs (until 1998). My first experiences of being employed full-time, year round. Bought my first personal computer (a PC, of course) (but not till the end of the decade!). Gained weight (lowlight). Bought my house (highlight). Got my first cat, Sammy (extra highlight!). Found a new hairdresser who has been doing my highlights ever since. Traveled to England and Scandinavian countries several (many) times with my sister, dad, mother, and friend Jennifer (not all at the same time).

Y2K and the 00's—The juvenile court years (beginning in 1998). The kittens (Sophie and Libby) moved in during the summer of 2001. Many more trips to England, including a 40th birthday trip with friends (a year late due to scheduling issues). Career highlight: Started the law firm with Ann in 2005. Career lowlight: the contract dramas that led to Ann and I leaving our jobs and starting the firm, plus variations of contract drama every year thereafter (all of which turned out okay in the end, so far). Lost a lot of weight in 2004-05. Started running in 2005. First 5K and 10K in 2006. First 15K and half marathon in 2007. A bunch of PR's and my first marathon in 2009! Personal highlight: became reacquainted with Rod at our high school reunion, still together as the new decade dawns!


MCM Mama said...

Sounds like you are heading into some great years in the '10s.

Happy New Year!

Aka Alice said...

I love your ability to be succinct in a decade review. I have no such talent ;-) Great times are definitely ahead for you.

Happy New Year!