Monday, October 12, 2009

A few more comments about the Duck Dash (and pictures)

At the start—here I am on the first lap around the track. They were calling out times as we passed our starting point and I think mine was 1:47 for the first 400. The guy behind me eventually finished a couple minutes faster than I did. I have a nice picture of him coming into the stadium because Rod saw the yellow sleeves and white hat and thought it was me!
While he was waiting for me Rod took some photos around the stadium.
I particularly like this poster!
Worshiping at the altar of Prefontaine (and Kara Goucher!).
My triumphant re-entry into Hayward Field for the end of the race! I love this picture. And I am genuinely smiling! (I think that is because I am laughing at myself for almost missing the entrance.)
Only half a lap around the track to the finish line!
After the finish. Final time 23:50 (Garmin was off by a second). I'll take it anyway!
With the Oregon Duck. Go Ducks! (I know I posted this already but I love this picture.)
With Rod after the race. He was my official race photographer for these great race pics (except the ones with him in it).
Next stop, Starbucks and the Duck Store. Then home to watch the game! Go Ducks (again).
I won second in my age division (F40-44) and third Masters woman! Unfortunately we didn't stay around for the awards ceremony (I didn't expect an award), but they are going to mail me my ribbon. There were five women in my division and eleven women over 40 (I think). The Masters women winner is 54 years old and had a time of 19:35! No way I'm beating that, ever! My splits for the race were 7:33, 7:45, 7:49 and :40 for the last tenth (7:02 pace). Average pace 7:41. I'm happy with those results! I don't have any regrets about the first mile being the fastest. In 5K races I adhere to the old adage (and Head & Shoulders slogan)—"You never get a second chance to make a first impression." There's just no time in a short race to pace yourself or make up for lost seconds in the first mile. I like to go out fast and then try to maintain the pace as best as possible. A couple of years ago I read a Runner's World article recommending this technique, and I like it!
Wearing the race shirt for the rest of the afternoon.
The website for these Eugene races is called the Good Race, and I have to agree with that!

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Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Congrats on the PR and placing, too!!! Lived in Eugene years ago - nice town.