Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Classic Fun Run (aka Halloween 5K)

It's kind of amusing that an inaugural run at a pretty brand new YMCA branch is called "Fall Classic." But I guess that's more PC than "Halloween" 5K!

Still, today is Halloween, so I (and quite a few others) ran in costume! My mom had the camera, and I wish she'd taken pictures of some of the other costumed runners. But she did take tons of pictures of me (most of which I am entirely--or mostly--in the frame), and lots of pictures of my sister's baby Eva too.

Gretchen and Todd and Eva didn't quite get there in time for the race, but they did pass me and honk as I was finishing up the last half mile. They did get to breakfast afterwards. :)

I had no goals or expectations for today, but I was pretty happy to finish with a time of 23:55, which is only about 5 seconds off my PR (from Eugene). The final distance was a little over, 3.14, so I was probably running about the same pace as Eugene anyway.

The run was at Lake Tye park in Monroe, which has a 1.6 mile running path around the lake. So the 5K went around the lake and then on for about three quarters of a mile, then back to finish at the starting point. I warmed up and got a little mileage in by doing a couple of loops around the lake beforehand, a little over four miles total. Then I went back to the car, put my costume on, and we headed to the starting area!

It was a dark and stormy day.... (but we never got rained on!)

Just before the National Anthem--my dad called my name and I turned for a photo.
A little bit of a photography error--although rather arty for a running picture!
The first and third-place overall women winners are in this picture with me. At the front, in the long-sleeved white shirt, is Gael, who is Scottish and works at the Everett YMCA. The woman front of me doing a leg stretch was third. She finished about 30 seconds ahead of me (I was fourth female, #20 overall).
Waiting, waiting, waiting....
Oops, another arty shot!
On the run. You'd think from all of the photos of me in action that there were no other runners in this race!

I'm pretty sure this is near the end....
I stopped running the minute I crossed the finish line.
My parents, Todd (my sister's husband) and baby Eva.
Eva is dressed as a polar bear.

Laughing for her mommy.
Posting my picture and finish time to Facebook! Sadly, I have to wear granny glasses to see small print when I have my contacts in (I borrowed my mom's).
Modeling the ladybug costume.

Collecting my ribbon for first in my age group! Technically I was second, but the person ahead of me placed in overall female winners, so didn't get an age group ribbon.
Yep, a blue ribbon!
Eva at our post-race breakfast at the Cabbage Patch.
Full of scones and veggie scramble.
Outside the Cabbage Patch--nice autumn decor!
Overall results: 23:55, 7:37 pace. Splits 7:24, 7:51, 7:41, and the last .14 at 7:08 pace.

Now it's time to finish tidying up before the trick-or-treaters start coming, put out my candy, and start thinking about making dinner...a delicious chicken and pumpkin stew!


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