Saturday, August 15, 2009

No Harry Potter :(

Not that anyone cares, but I feel guilty of false advertising over all the fun planned for tonight. I was really disappointed when we got into Ephrata and saw that HP was no longer playing. We didn't like the other options.

So now we're down to pizza (still the highlight) and Walmarts. With the addition of a quick stop at Ace Hardware (woo hoo!).

Instead of a movie maybe we'll play another cutthroat game of Uno, or buy another game at Walmart (if we can agree on a game, which may be unlikely--I have kind of a yen for Scrabble, but Rod was talking up something called concentration). And I have a book to read--I just started Born to Run, by John McDougall (I think that's the author's name).

Okay, bring on the pizza, I'm ravenous!

***8/16 Update:

  1. The pizza was delicious. We ordered a large, since we hadn't eaten much all day (and I did run 13.13 miles), and I ate 5 of the 12 pieces (plus a green salad). (Keep in mind, though, that since it was cut into 12 instead of 8, the pieces were quite small. Really. And it was thin crust, which I love for many reasons (including, obviously, more pizza for fewer calories)!
  2. The author is actually Christopher McDougall. My bad. (I think perhaps I read that his father was John McDougall? Or maybe I'm just speculating wildly again. Shut up, Kristin.)
  3. We bought and played Scrabble. It was great fun! A very close game. Although sadly, the English major did not win. :( Although I was in the lead for 90% of the game! And I did win at Uno the night before. I'm not competitive or anything, I'm just reporting the facts.


lifestudent said...

I just saw Harry Potter a few days ago ... it will be on DVD before you know it ;)

Laura said...

Sorry you missed HP, but it sounds like you made the best of it with the pizza. I want pizza now!