Monday, August 31, 2009

The end of August

August 31, and I still haven't finished my race report from the Anacortes Half Marathon on August 1! I really thought it would be nice to post it by the end of the month, but... I didn't. Sigh. Work, and life, interfered with my blogging time, I guess. And tonight, a nice dinner with my mother at Palomino in Seattle! Also, I might add, some technical difficulties in which I deleted all the pictures I'd uploaded and all my clever footnotes. I have put the pictures back in and hopefully will progress to completion very, very soon.

September has a lot of things in store for me (in addition to the official end of summer...sigh again). I have three races on the docket, the Fairhaven Waterfront 15K on September 12, the YMCA 5-mile Fun Run on September 19, and the Bellingham Half Marathon on September 27.

This week I am dabbling in daily (or almost daily) running. This is because the Everett YMCA is closed for its annual cleaning and the only substitute I can think of for my Y mornings is running. Walking takes too long to accumulate mileage (at least in the mornings), and I don't have time to make the trek to other Y's (at least not in the morning). I really prefer to work out first thing in the morning because it starts the day off right. (And sometimes leads to the desire for a nap in the middle of the afternoon, but I usually get past that.)

I'm not sure if I will run every single day without a break, but today and tomorrow are especially important as I have restaurant dinner plans both nights. Friday I have running plans also, so we shall see if Wednesday or Thursday needs to be a rest day, or whether I can keep on plugging away.

I have a few good topics that I am planning on writing about in the days to come. (In addition to finishing the Anacortes post, of course.) Tomorrow I'll touch on my speed work from last week, and my training plan leading up to the first race of September on the 12th. Before the 12th, I have some thoughts to share on 15K's. And sometime soon (when I get around to it), I'll be writing about the lazy runner (me being a prime example).

August finished well, with an 8.3 mile run this morning, 9:33 average pace. Not too shabby considering that I ran 15 miles yesterday and traveled* for many hours in a car!

*"Traveled" is something of an exaggeration since hours of that time were spent either stopped or crawling thanks to an accident that blocked the roadway for a really long time.


lifestudent said...

you can do it! I bet you can run every day easily ... my goal is just to run enough that I dont pass out runing my 10K later this month :(

Kristin said...

Well, thanks for the vote of confidence! :) Day 3 went well, today--even though my ipod battery was dead, which was a huge blow!