Monday, August 3, 2009

Guess my legs are still tired....

This morning was my first run since the half marathon on Saturday. Ouch. Not that it was so painful, really, but took an effort to even get a mile under ten minutes, and it wasn't until I finally sped up a little in the last couple miles that I managed to pull my average pace for the morning under ten minutes.*

Not that it mattered, really. Speed wasn't my objective this morning. (What was my objective? Just getting back out there, I guess! Well, and burning off some calories so that I can eat today.)

Yesterday I went for a five-mile walk in the morning (with a convenient stop at Starbucks along the way). I could tell that my legs weren't quite up to par yet, even for walking, since I barely managed a 3.5 mph pace (17:30 per mile), even though my normal walking pace is about 16:30 per mile. I did manage to get in an energetic hour on the elliptical later on, though.

I'm having a bit of a crisis over problems with my BlackBerry. For quite some time I've been having difficulty getting it charged; none of my chargers seemed to connect except for the one in the car, which left me having to put it in the car whenever I needed a charge. Then, this weekend, it stopped charging, even when the charger shows a connection. I have been on red "low battery" for two days now, without any ability to move on. I think I have to go into the store today and see if they can tell me what is wrong. And fix it. I cannot survive without my BlackBerry!

Plus I have a Harry Potter-like mark on my forehead from bumping my head on the car door this morning. Well, it isn't shaped like a lightning bolt, it's just a half-inch cut, but it's right in the center of my forehead and it is bright red, for now, thanks to all the bleeding it was doing this morning. All the way to work (which is just a few minute's drive) I was pressing a kleenex to my forehead to stop the bleeding. Luckily it did stop by the time I got to work and went into the building! I wonder if it will leave a scar?

*6.25 miles, 1:02:12, 9:57 average pace. (At least it was pretty progressive--10:52, .52 at 9:55 pace, 10:01, 9:53, 9:51, 9:22, 9:38.)

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