Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today is Fat Tuesday

And really, is that an opportunity that can be missed?

Clearly that is why I was not able to get myself out of bed to go running today.

I am at this very moment contemplating what kind of goody I should allow myself to ensure that I remain fat on Fat Tuesday. Should it be a delicious cinnamon scone from Starbucks? Should it be a far cheaper but also delicious doughnut—such as a maple bar—from the grocery store? Should I help everyone else be fat as well by bringing a box of doughnuts or other goodies to the office? (My only hesitation there is that everyone else in the office may be less tempted than I and I will end up eating far too many treats even for Fat Tuesday.)

Ah, the dilemma. All I know is that I had better enjoy it now, since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and let the Lenten fasting begin!*

*Not really fasting. Just another effort to keep myself from growing out of my jeans. Goodies begone!


Sun Runner said...

Around here we eat paczki, and someone in my department did not disappoint, bringing several dozen to share. I ate three and consequently feel really, really gross. Good this this only happens once a year.

Kristin said...

So paczki are like doughnuts? I googled it. They look delicious....