Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've fallen into the Facebook trap

I kept hearing about people being hooked on Facebook—adult people, people my age, people who seem fairly rational and normal. So when a friend at work was saying she kind of wished she was on Facebook so she could look people up (not that you can get much information about them), I thought, "well, I could try it." I have no issues with putting my name (pictures, and all kinds of stuff about myself) out there on the internet. After all, I do have a blog.

I signed up a few days ago, and being quite shy and afraid of rejection, I only sent friend requests to a few people in my email mailbox who seemed pretty safe and unlikely to shun me. (And to those of you who haven't confirmed me, my feelings are a little bit hurt!)

Dear sweet Corey confirmed me instantaneously. Either she is a very nice person, or she is constantly on Facebook. Some time later I got a friend request from Corey's friend Cassie, who I know also (we actually share office space, even though we work for different firms). It is amazing how flattering it is to get an unsolicited friend request. Even though I wonder whether Corey asked her to friend me—"poor Kristin, she only has one friend."

Since then I've added a few more friends, and even had the nerve to send out a few more of my own, even one to an old friend who I've been out of touch with for years. (Haven't heard back, it was just a while ago.)

One surprise (and again, rather flattering moment) was a friend request from a guy from school who knew both me and my boyfriend when we were in Sunday School and high school together. (But definitely not together at that time.) I'm sure it was a real shock for him to see the pictures of us together (in fact, he commented on that).

I'm having fun reading the silly minutia of people's lives and writing my own ridiculous status updates. Like Kristina, I find myself thinking in the third person, and mentally composing the most inappropriate "Kristin is" comments. "Kristin is... hoping she makes it to a bathroom really soon." And worse.

But enough of this blog chatter. I've got things to do.

Kristin is going to put the laundry in the dryer now.
Kristin is going to get another diet Coke.
Kristin is running a 5K tomorrow and hoping she doesn't totally humiliate herself with slowness.

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