Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Separated at birth?

To continue with my mild obsession with Dean Karnazes, I learned with some surprise (shock) that we are almost the exact same size! While browsing his website, I came across his vital statistics and learned that they are almost identical to mine, except that he is a couple inches taller than me and has a bigger shoe size (thank goodness for me). (I'm not going to include a link here because if you want to know how much we weigh, you can find it yourself.) Consider this. Weight—same. Waist size—same (as long as I suck in my stomach and pull the measuring tape tight, I mean firm.) Chest—his is a couple inches bigger. Quads and calves—same (although his are bulked up with pure muscle, and I guess mine are just bulked up—like I once read about Oprah, muscle covered by a layer of fat). He doesn't include his hip measurement, though. I guess ultramarathon runners aren't worried about the size of their butt.

Can you see the resemblance?

(By the way, Shamrock Run photographers take note, this is the way to photograph a race. At the Fairhaven 15K, right, there was a sign posted warning "photo ahead" so I was camera ready and prepared!)

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