Monday, March 24, 2008

No Shamrock Run photos for me!

I am so disappointed--yesterday I went to look for my pictures from the Shamrock Run, and when I put in my race number, I got the response that there were no pictures for that number. I really don't understand it. Shouldn't they have a finish line photo for every runner? I had my number pinned appropriately on my front, never took off my jacket, and don't think I did any weird things with my body to obscure the number. I also spent quite a lot of time last night looking through the "lost and found" photos--the ones where the number was not visible--and saw no sign of my orange hat in any of the 2000+ pictures I looked at. Last year there were about 5 pictures of me! I don't think the photographers were very good this time around.

Considering that my mother was unsuccessful at taking any pictures during the race--either in front of the hotel or at the finish line--and then getting no race photos--I am beginning to wonder whether I ran the race at all!

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