Thursday, March 6, 2008

Asking for trouble

I am planning on a "long run" on Saturday which has the potential of being my biggest running humiliation yet—perhaps ever.

What I've done is signed up for a ten-mile relay up in Anacortes, to be run by me alone. Now, the run information calls it "relay or solo," so there is some possibility that there will be others in it for the long haul. But the greatest probability, I bet, is that most of the runners will be doing the relay.

The relay is four laps of 2 ½ miles each. So while I am slogging around 25% of a ten-mile run, I will be running with, or against (or in the dust of) persons who only have to run 2 ½ miles total. Can you guess who will be running faster? Can you guess who will be passed again and again and again?

And what happens if I don't finish within the maximum time allotted for all runners in the relay? Will they come pick me up and drive me away? (I think the maximum time is set because the road will be reopened to traffic.)

Oh, there is great opportunity for embarrassment here.

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